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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Servicing, Repairs & MOT's at Stanton Automotive

  • Can you work on my specific make of car?
    Yes, we service and repair all makes and models.
  • What happens if my car fails an MOT?
    If your car fails its MOT, you’ll be given a ‘refusal of an MOT test certificate’ from the test centre, this will highlight the area where your vehicle failed. These issues will need to be addressed before having your car retested; we offer a free retest if remedial work is carried out by us.
  • can you update the iDrive on a BMW?
    Yes we can update the iDrive on your BMW and your service will be recorded on your vehicles iDrive display.
  • Whats included in your major service?
    Our full service is £85 plus parts and includes all of the following: ✔️Oil ✔️Oil Filter ✔️Pollen Filter ✔️Air Filter ✔️Vehicle health check carried out(38 point check) ✔️Top ups included
  • Can I book a service & MOT together?
    Yes you can and booking a service and MOT means you can get both done on one appointment. We'll arrange your MOT and carry out your service on the same day.
  • Do you service hybrid vehicles?
    Yes. Our technicians are qualified to service any make and model of a hybrid vehicle.
  • How often do I need an MOT?
    Legally you must have an MOT carried out annually after the third anniversary of your vehicle’s registration; this means that if you buy a car brand new, you won’t need to take it in for an MOT until it is 3 years old. However, you are still responsible for ensuring it is roadworthy.
  • Whats included in your small service?
    Our small service is £72 plus parts and all of the following are included: ✔️Oil ✔️Oil Filter ✔️Pollen Filter ✔️Vehicle health check carried out(38 point check) ✔️Top ups included
  • Do you use genuine parts?
    Yes we can use genuine manufacturers parts when requested, however, we always use high quality OE parts as standard.
  • Will my service be recorded in my service history?
    Yes. Your service history will be recorded and we stamp your service history book as well as recording your service on our systems indefinitely. For some manufacturers we are able to update the Digital Service Booklet (DSB).
  • Whats included in your full service?
    Our major service is £120 plus parts and all the following are included: ✔️Oil ✔️Oil Filter ✔️Pollen Filter ✔️Air Filter ✔️Spark plugs (Petrol) ✔️Fuel Filter (Diesel) (Petrol if fitted) ✔️Vehicle health check carried out(38 point check) ✔️Top ups included
  • When should you replace a tyre?
    If the tread depth is low (less than 1.6mm across the central 75% of the tyre), if there is evidence of deterioration or damage (like exposed cords or bead damage) you must replace your tyre.
  • How often should I book my car in for a service?
    We recommend a full service every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes soonest. Your manufacturer's service hand book will provide you with the ideal service plan for your vehicle.
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